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EighT hair salon










場所 : 長野県長野市

設計 : 加藤隼輝+杉山聖昇/Poten-Poten

施工 : 日々 此 建築株式会社

面積 : 68m2

竣工 : 2017年3月

写真 : 長谷川健太

Kigumi-no-mori – “A Timberwork Forest”


This beauty shop is a long, narrow space on the 1st floor of a multi-tenant building in the heart of Nagano.

Before renovation, the piping and other equipment on the ceiling were exposed, giving a rather “brutalistic” impression of the space.

To express our image of the new shop, we decided to keep the same ceiling height by leaving the piping and other equipment exposed,

and construct a carefully-design timberwork around the space.

By arranging the timbers with different densities, depending on the spot, we created a relaxing space, like being in the midst of a forest.  

We also took advantage of the long, narrow space to create scenes that change as a visitor goes deeper into the space.

The materials of the timberwork are rounded to give a softer impression, and to complement the structure,

we built box-like furniture into the delicate timberwork. 

address : Nagano-shi, Nagano

architect : Junki Kato+Kiyonori Sugiyama/Poten-Poten

construction : Hibi Core Kenchiku

floor area : 68m2


photo : Kenta Hasegawa

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